Altertox-Ncardia training

Altertox is pleased to announce its next training: 

14th and 15th of November: Ncardia training, on “Acute and Chronic Cardiotoxicity” in Leiden-The Netherlands. 

The course is a two-day laboratory workshop in Leiden. This training instructs the attendee in best practices procedures for in silico and in vitro assays related to acute and chronic cardiotoxicity. Besides Ncardia experts, trainers will be from UCB, Janssen Pharma and INRIA (Institut National de Recherche dédié aux sciences du numérique). 

Participants will learn among other things: 

  • Cell handling of human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes (e.g. thawing procedure, cells seeding) and exposure of cells with cardiotoxic compounds using different readouts such as CiPA-like MEA (Micro-electrode array) and calcium flux assay (Ncardia) 
  • Risk Assessment, validation, analysis interpretation and decision making using hiPS-cells for early drug discovery and development (Jannsen Pharma – Dr. Kreir) 
  • In silico assessment of the effects of various compounds in MEA/hiPSC-CM assays: modelling and numerical simulations (Inria-Dr Lombardi) 

We will also have the pleasure to have a keynote lecture on cardiovascular safety assessement by Dr Annie Delaunois from UCB. 

Altertox academy trainings are divided in half a day lectures (that can be followed by webinar) and 1,5 hands-on training where participants, divided in small groups, have the opportunity to manipulate and face experimental critical steps, guided by experts and test developers.This is a perfect way to quickly approach a method, as well as data analysis and interpretation. 

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