Key Leader of the advocacy program on alternative test methods in the European Parliament since 2012 

Supports the paradigm shift in the use of alternative test methods through a policy program with the Industry, NGOs and Academia.

A unique network with key policy players to advance the alternative test methods toxicological landscape in Europe

A sound understanding of the policy making progress at the European Parliament level.

Altertox Know-How Interaction with European Parliament


Altertox’ presence in the EU policy arena for the last 8 years makes it a well-identified and trusted partner for high-level discussion with policy makers.

Altertox’ expertise is not limited to EU institutions’ functioning and influence mechanism. It also extends its network to all the relevant and key stakeholders as well as the future ones.

This allows Altertox to establish a customer-driven impact for companies, NGOs or Academics to promote, understand, disseminate their activities or interact with all the pertinent actors.

Altertox proposes:
  • Positioning of the project towards policy makers
  • Dissemination of activities
  • Organisation of parliamentary briefings to policy makers and key stakeholders
  • Regulatory watch
  • Face-to-face meetings with Members of the European Parliament
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Altertox Public Affairs Staff

Dr. Francois Busquet (CEO)

Dr. Busquet is a French toxicologist with a PhD in life sciences (TU Dresden, Germany; 2008) and a Master Degree of Sciences in biotechnology (Universite de Bordeaux).

He has worked for the last 10 years in the field of toxicology/safety testing which covered experiences in the private sector (Toxicology institute of Merck KgaA) and within EU institution (EURL ECVAM).

He has always provided excellent results in his work and has already produced great contributions to the toxicology by developing one test method (mDarT) in developmental toxicology and coordinated the validation of the fish embryo toxicity test (OECD TG 236).

He founded Altertox in 2012 to represent CAAT Johns Hopkins University (USA) and CAAT-Europe University of Konstanz to coordinate their EU Policy Program in Brussels. In 2016, he created CAAT Academy to facilitate fostering of in vitro and in silico approaches in Europe by organising 2-days hands-on trainings in laboratories.

Since Autumn 2017, Altertox extend its support for 3Rs policy to other entities and will pursue training activities under Altertox Academy. Dr Busquet was involved in the INNOX project ( led by Prof. D. Demortain funded by ANR (Agence Nationale de Recherche) which focused on the development of in silico modeling as a new field of expertise (2014-2017). He is currently part of a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks Action led by Prof. P. Jennings (2016- ). It is titled “An integrated interdisciplinary approach to animal-free chemical and nanomaterial safety assessment” or “in3” (

He is proven among his peers to be an established and seasoned toxicologist .

He is also a member of scientific societies such as ESTIV, EUSAAT and the french society of toxicology.

He is proactive in his approach, solving problems as they arise and he perceives them, without needing guidance, and he is recognized worldwide for his success and achievements.

Events & Briefings

for Policy Makers

exemples : 

The Human Toxome / CAAT-Europe & MEP Prodi

New Regulatory Science in Systems Toxicology / CAAT-Europe & MEP Prodi

Animal testing – Science or Tradition? / CAAT-Europe & MEP Jędrzejewska

exemples : 

The  human toxome project and endocrine disruption testing / CAAT-Europe & Intergroup on Animal Welfare

Policy Making and Alternatives to Animal Testing / CAAT-Europe & MEP Evi

Risk in innovation: balancing benefits and hazards / CAAT-Europe & STOA

exemples : 

Understanding Endocrine Disruptors available methodologies; what can we learn from experience to date? / CAAT-Europe & US mission to the EU

Good Read-Across Practices: Making it work for you! / CAAT-Europe & EU-ToxRisk & Cefic-LRI