Towards alternatives to animal testing ans research !

Altertox in a nutshell

Focused on alternatives to animal testing in toxicology and 3Rs, Altertox vision is to MAKE people BETTER scientists. Our expertise in training and congress organisation, in public affairs and our network, including the best experts, allow us to support our mission of developing optimal use of alternatives to animal testing.
Based on its strong expertise in in vitro toxicology, Altertox is also the right partner for guidance and advice on alternative method development and consolidation.

Altertox won 3 EU calls and will be taking part in 3 differents projects for the 5 years to come. Ontox, that focuses on sustainable solution for advancing human risk assessment of chemicals ; PrecisionTox which goal is to improve chemical safety assessment to better protect human health and the environment and Panoramix that focuses on providing new tools for risk assessments of complex real-life mixtures. All those projects are part a a global mouvement towards alternatives to animal testing in the protection of human health and the environement