Altertox Academy is about understanding new toxicological models, practicing side-by-side with experts and integrating new tools to your daily working environment or your future position.
Our toxicology trainings increase your expertise on the regulatory context of REACH, Cosmetics ban, EU Pharmacopoeia and much more ! 
Our expertise, flexibility and “out of the box” approach will provide you with the format most likely to help you to boost your skills in the lab and develop constant education !

Events in 2021 - 2022

Our expertise ... 5 formats of trainings

Training “a la carte” with max 3 to 5 participants over 2 days. Participants pick their models and applications ahead of the training to practice in the lab and get some B2B time with the experts.

  • level of knowledge: advanced

2 days in the lab with 3-4 different trainers. This training accommodates up to 15 participants to cover a topic and give an overview of the ongoing field

  • level of knowledge: beginners & advanced

Multiple formats (case studies, laboratory trainings)

  • level of knowledge: all

What hot topic would you like to be addressed in a webinar? Altertox can organize it for you by identifying the best expert. And vice-versa, if you are an expert and would like to share your knowledge with the scientific community, come to us and we’ll help you to organize and advertise your talk. 

Define your needs, we’ll organize your own European Lab Tour! The idea is to group visits of laboratories working on your topics of interest. These private visits are of great interest to speed-up your knowledge and expertise by talking face to face with the best experts. 

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