3 may 2021

The European Parliament must protect the animal testing ban on cosmetics

Three years ago, the European Parliament  adopted a Resolution calling for a global ban on animal testing for cosmetics by 2023. Already in 2013, the EU had put an end to animal testing on ingredients used exclusively in cosmetic products, setting an example worldwide that moving away from animal experimentation was possible. (…)

23 april 2021

How Non-Animal Testing Can Reshape Health and Environment Policies

The development of alternatives to animal testing is not only an ethical and moral need, but it is also a necessary step to effectively address pollution – the largest environmental cause of disease and death worldwide.

illustration Vincent Lacroix @elvixente

11 march 2021

Animal welfare organisations call on the European Commission to uphold the ban on animal testing for Cosmetics.

As today marks the eighth anniversary of the EU cosmetics animal testing ban, animal
protection organisations have joined forces to urge the EU to call off new cosmetics tests on animals in an open letter. (…)

illustration Vincent Lacroix @elvixente

09 march 2021

Precision Toxicology consortium aims to protect human health from effects of harmful chemicals

A major research project to shape regulation and policy on chemical safety without the use of animal testing has been launched with the aid of €19.3M funding from the European Commission. (…)

Jeanne Laperrouze,
Communication officer, Altertox SRL