TOXstreams: two episodes to come!

After a very successful episode about #ecotoxicology, season 2 of TOXstreams is back with a 2 new rendez-vous!
More interviews, more experts and a few surprises await you in our next shows.

TOXstreams meets RISK-HUNT3R

You know how many studies are focused on finding the next best tool or test to assess the risk associated with chemical exposure? It’s all well and good, but even the perfect assay needs to be accepted by regulators before seeing the light of the day. And how do we do that you ask? Well, we have no clue, but the guests of the next TOXstreams episode have some ideas. Especially since they spent a lot of time thinking about it while developing the EU project RISK HUNT3R. Prof. Bob van de Water, Dr Mirjam Luijten and Dr Andrew White, principal investigators in the projects, will do their best to explain to Matteo Piumatti what RISK HUNT3R is doing, what next generation risk assessment means and why it is so important. You just have to tune in Wednesday 19th of April at 8.00 pm to catch the best talk show on toxicology in town. See you there!

How to Survive a PhD part 1 

You know the feeling of needing to learn something new and immediately turning to YouTube for a tutorial? Wait, you don’t do that? Because we do it all the time. However, some things are just too complex for a simple video or blog post: mastering the art of cooking a proper pasta carbonara in Belgium, operating a transatlantic passenger ship, or successfully navigating your PhD journey. And while we cannot do much on the first two (Matteo Piumatti told us to please stop using crème fraiche with carbonara but that’s never going to happen), maybe we can help you out with the last one. In our next TOXstreams event, we are featuring three exceptional guests – Dr Allisha Ali, Wendy Van den Bulck, and Dr Andrew Stapleton – who have extensive experience working with PhD students and helping them not just survive, but thrive in their studies. A great occasion to get some tips, confront with others in the same situation or discuss with our experts what works and what doesn’t in a PhD nowadays. So, whether you just started your doctoral journey, you are about to finish or you got your degree long ago, join us next 10th of June at 12.30 to chat with us and discover how to survive a PhD. See you there!

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