FUN with NAMs – the summer games

Altertox's summer games

Hello There! 
It’s summer at last ! And holidays are right around the corner… time for some fun and casual stuff, right? 
We created for you a bunch of summer games and other little surprises that we will shared over the next 2 months on our social media (and here). 
Games will be posted and the solution few days later.

Hope you enjoy it !

Have a nice summer break and take care !

4. experiment performed on computer or via computer simulation
5. Swiss alchemist
8. the study of evolutionary relationships
9. tiny worm widely used in biomedical research
11. one of the 3Rs
12. final step – can be provided by OECD
13. having the potential to cause cancer

1. a H2020 project and a druid
2. small invertebrate used for research in PrecisionTox
3. provides guidance for test methods developers
6. she discovered the double helix structure of DNA
7. detection of poison
10. reveals a secret or comes into contact with something

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