Altertox creates its 1st board game: TATABOX !

After months of prepping and testing, we are so very happy to introduce our first edutainment game: TATABOX (Toward Altertnatives To Animal testing BOX). We just can’t wait to play with you ! 

TATABOX is an edutainment game meant to open a conversation about NAMs and validation process in a fun and convivial environment. During a meeting, as a teambuilding activity, or during a training, TATABOX gather players around a common goal and foster exchanges about research methods.

TATABOX tiles are not meant to be exhaustive in terms of content as well as persona but rather a starting point for discussion with concrete items within a team on the process towards alternatives to animal testing. Moreover, through brainstorming the participants can create synergy and common goals on a personalized validation path based on the institution technology/models to illustrate their work as well as better understanding of the critical steps necessary for regulatory acceptance.

You are a scientist who dreams of developing and validating a new research method without using laboratory animals. What a good idea! ALTERTOX team is here to help you understand the specific steps allowing you to do and validate your research in the most rigorous way!

With in silico or in vitro methods, create the most suitable path to validation. In TaTaBox, all players build the deck, each game is different.

Using your sector power strategically and skillfully collaborating with other scientists will be essential to succeed and save as many animals as possible!

Will you be able to validate your method and thus participate in the shift of science towards alternatives to animal experimentation?

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