Altertox celebrates Women’s Rights Day

Altertox team celebrates Women International Day by inviting you to discover women that inspired us ; empowered us ; gave us guidance, courage, serenity, or on the contrary the will to fight. We choose 1 woman, 1 story that we felt was important to share and make more visible.

Each and every one of us is surrounded by inspirational women, political, artists, or just the one we live with and we see give, think, fight, protect, grow.

We sincerely hope that you will follow our path and take the time to learn more about those who gave us a little more light, more sense, more humanity.

Brené Brown

Position/work: Researcher, storyteller, writer.
Former social worker

Why? First time I heard of Brené Brown was thanks to a friend who knew I was going through a very rought path in my life. She sent the link to this TED conference telling me to trust my instinct and stop fighting my vulnerabilities… “What to **?” I thought. I’m doing my best to get stronger and fight my problems off and she tells me to basically dive deep into it! Nevertheless, I watch the video, an... long story shot : those words of wisdom, of acceptance, (double with her strong sense of humor and self-mockery) unlocked a knowledge and truly empowered me to start seeing things differently, and ultimately doing it a way that led me to a more profound and enjoyable way of living, working, connecting with other.
Brené Brown first book was called “ I Thought It Was Just Me: Women Reclaiming Power and Courage in a Culture of Shame. Since day one she works on the question of women particular difficulties, strength, powers, discriminations. Her work strongly emphasizes on the important of empowering women, helping them to unlock their true self and take control. Her latest book focuses on the black experience. Written with Tarana Burke they brought together a group of Black writers, organizers, artists, academics, and cultural figures to discuss the topics they dedicated their lives: vulnerability and shame resilience.
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Touria Chaoui

First female pilot in the Arab world

Who hasn't dreamt of flying as a child? This was the dream of Touria Chaoui, a Moroccan woman born in the 30's under the French protectorate whose short but fulfulling life fascinates me.Touria Chaoui was the first Moroccan and Arab woman to become an aviatrix. Daughter of Abdelwahed Chaoui, an intellectual figure of nationalism in the colonized Morocco, Touria was the first and only Moroccan girl to dare join the aviation school of Tit Mellil in 1950, a school reserved for the French elite which reluctantly accepted the ambitious girl's enrollment due to the lack of legislation to justify her rejection! Despite all odds, she managed to realise her dream and received her pilot license at the age of 15.
She started a brilliant career that brutally ended when she was assassinated in 1956, she was only 19. Celebrated as a national pride, Touria Chaoui, the first Moroccan and Arab aviatrix is still an example that young girls can look up for. A female figure that despite the obstacles set by the society she lived in managed to realize her dream.
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