Good In Vitro Methods Practices: learning by doing…

During two days, from Wednesday 6th to Thursday 7th of November 2019, colleagues Emma Pedersen and Kristina Fant from Research Institutes in Gothenburg will host a training, on “In vitro Assays Development & Good In Vitro Method Practices” in Sweden. 

This training will illustrate various aspects of the OECD Good In Vitro Methods Practices (GIVIMP) guidance document (STA 286) using assays/techniques/test systems that have been developed recently by the different trainers. It aims to provide the participants with hands-on, practical skills in how to apply GIVIMP in their daily work in the laboratory, and at the same time learn about modern techniques used for in vitro testing. 

Among trainers besides (a polytechnic research institute and member of EU-NETVAL), there will be acCELLerate (a specialist for Assay Ready Cells and Cell Banking), Evercyte (describing GIVIMP applied to a Neo-angiogenesis assay) and SenzaGen (talking about test and references items in assays, as well as solubilization before in vitro testing). We will also have the pleasure to have a keynote lecture on GIVIMP by Sandra Coeke from the European Commission. 

Altertox academy trainings are meant to provide the proper education environment to facilitate learning experience for the participants. This is why our trainings are divided in half a day lectures (that can be followed by webinar) and 1,5 hands-on training where participants, divided in small groups, have the opportunity to manipulate and face experimental critical steps, guided by experts and test developers in an informal manner. This is a perfect way to quickly approach a method, as well as data analysis and interpretation. 

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