TissUse: “Multi-Organ-Chip” platform

Wednesday 27th September, 2017 – TissUse

TissUse is a vibrant Berlin, Germany-based, growth company, which has developed a unique “Multi-Organ-Chip” platform that provides unparalleled preclinical insight on a systemic level using human tissue.

This enabling technology platform consists of a miniaturized construct that closely simulates the activity of multiple human organs in their true physiological context. TissUse’s Multi-Organ-Chips provide a completely new approach to predict, for example, toxicity, ADME profiles and efficacy in vitro, reducing and replacing laboratory animal testing and streamlining human clinical trials.
TissUse’s Multi-Organ-Chips are utilized in a large variety of industrial and academic applications since 2012.
TissUse is additionally applying its platform and know-how to develop spin-off programmes in a variety of tissue and organ repair areas, starting with the cosmetic market of hair transplants.
The aim of our training is to share our knowledge, skills and expertise to enhance your understanding of our leading-edge “Multi-Organ-Chip” platform.

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