GARD Skin Sensitization Test

Next generation safety testing for sensitisation assessment of chemicals

Friday 19th May, 2017 – Henrik Johansson & Hanna Frykman

At SenzaGen we do in vitro testing for chemical risk assessment. Using the latest technology, we have developed the next generation safety testing for sensitisation assessment of chemicals. Join us a the CAAT Academy training in Brussels 1-2 June so we can make you familiar with our sensitisation test GARDskin!

SenzaGen is a spin out company from Lund University in Sweden. We use a genomic technology platform for safety assessment of chemical compounds and their ability to induce allergy. The research at the University resulted in a state of the art, robust platform, called GARD (Genomic Allergen Rapid Detection). The unique platform is combining biological methods with a genomic biomarker readout with advanced machine learning techniques. This combination enables a highly accurate and versatile assay. The cellular system is based on in vitro models of dendritic cells, thus enabling a functional monitoring of key event three in the Key Events for sensitisation as defined by the OECD AOP. The test has the highest predictive performance on the market for in vitro testing with up to 90% accuracy and is in the final phase of the OECD / ECVAM validation process with the OECD TGP no 4.106.

The test is designed to give an accurate and conclusive answer for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical market or any chemical raw material producer who needs to do safety assessment and REACH registrations. SenzaGen is currently selling the test to customers and setting up the test on licence agreements in external laboratories in Europe and the US. We are excited to take part in this education to spread the knowledge about GARD, and show how easily the latest technology is implemented into regulatory decision-making. We also see this as an opportunity to help push towards a faster replacement of animal methods in safety testing.

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