Human Primary Hepatocyte Production: HepaRG

Biopredic international is an innovative biotechnology SME based in France, focused on providing cells and tissues as tools for drug discovery and development. Liver related products are one of the expertise areas of the company

Biopredic International & The HepaRG stem cell line

Biopredic International has established an extensive network of liver tissue acquisition which is used for production of human primary hepatocytes. Along with human NPCs, animal hepatocytes and HepaRG cell line, which is widely recognized as one of the best models of human hepatocytes and which is exclusively licensed for production and distribution by Biopredic International, these hepatic cells provide a broad spectrum of in vitro tools and applications for studying liver functions and performing test screenings in RRR environment in both academic and industrial sectors.

Biopredic International has a broad network of partners in both Europe, Asia and USA and is always looking for new approaches like AOP for hepatotoxicity, high content analysis, liver disease models.
We are enthusiastic to share our knowledge, new developments and expertise and propose new solutions for challenges in the field.

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