TATAbox - the Game

Fun with NAMs

TATAbox is an edutainment game designed to open conversation about New Approaches Methodologies (NAMs) known as non-animal models, in a fun and convivial environment. In universities, for a workshop or during a training, TATAbox gathers players around a common goal: inspire innovation & encourage collaboration to make NAMs the new normal.

Facilitator Package

Create the perfect workshop

Facilitation Package includes:
2 TATAbox (1 TATAbox /4 participants)
1 Facilitation kit made of necessary materials for facilitating the game:

  • The Facilitation guidebook withclear instructions and tips to help players navigate and excel in the game, ensuring optimal conditions for an enjoyable and successful gaming experience. 
  • A slidedeck to guide participants throughout the activity.
  • 16 white tiles
  • 2 additional roles (Regulator and Ethical Committee)
  • 1 survey to collect feedback
  • Altertox stickers toaward the winners.

Training Package

Altertox run the show

TATAbox training* includes: 
The Facilitator Package (described below)
Onsite Workshop consisting of 4 hours on-site facilitation by an Altertox’s Facilitator organized as:

  • 1 ½ hour workshop
  • Asession to train you and your colleagues to exceptional workshops for all your future internal and external events with TATAbox.

150 (VAT excluded)
with an onsite training of 4 hours

1,490 €  (VAT and shipping costs excluded)
 with an online training of 2 hours. 

*TATAbox training does not include:
– Travel and accommodation expenses for the Altertox facilitator 
– Extra hours of training (200€/hour)

Personalized extension

Personalized extension includes:
– Development according to client’s brief
– Box with 3 copies of 10 unique tiles
– 1 exclusive role
– Shipment