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Facilitator Package

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You are experienced in moderating trainings and animating workshops.You are interested in leading a TATAbox workshop by yourself? Well, you are at the right place. The Facilitator package includes all the material required to support and address your key messages to various target audiences e.g. Bachelor, Master, PhD students etc in universities or to employees in companies.  

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Facilitator Package includes:  

  • 2 TATAbox (from 2 to 8 participants) – see content details in offer 1
  • 1 Facilitation kit with necessary materials for moderating the game: 
    a) The “Facilitation Leaflet” with clear instructions and tips to help you navigate the participants and make them excel in the game, ensuring optimal conditions for an enjoyable and successful learning experience 
    b) A slide deck to guide participants throughout the activity 
    c) 16 white tiles 
    d) 2 additional roles (Regulator and Ethical Committee) 
    e) Online survey to collect participants’ feedback 
    f) 10 Altertox stickers for the participants  

Note: This offer is recommended for experienced moderators (professors, trainers...) in doing facilitation activities with adult participants.  

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