Lung In Vitro event 2022 edition will take place in June in Nice, France!

LIVe2022 intends to be a unique exchange platform for scientists interested in in vitro respiratory researches, stakeholders from academia, pharma, biotech, chemical, tobacco, consumer goods, medical devices industries, CROs and regulatory agencies.


Keynote speakers confirmed


Session 1:  Modeling COPD/Asthma/IPF and CF in vitro
    Prof. Armin Braun from Fraunhofer Institute

Session 2:  Viral Infections
    Prof. Kazuhiro Ito from Imperial College London

Session 3:  Bacterial Infections
   Prof. Aurélie Crabbé from Ghent University

Session 4:  Inhalation Toxicity Testing
    Dr. Amy Clippinger from Peta Science Consortium International e.V.


Session 5:  Biological Barriers & Drug Delivery
    Prof. Carsten Ehrhardt from Trinity College Dublin

Session 6:  Exposure Devices
    Dr. Detlef Ritter from Fraunhofer Institute

Session 7:  Airway/Lung on a Chip – Interconnections
    Dr. Nina Hobi from AlveoliX AG

Session 8:  Think Different
    Prof. Kambez Benam from University of Pittsburgh    

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