Altertox Academy is about understanding new toxicological models, practicing side-by-side with experts and integrating new tools to your daily working environment or your future position. Our toxicology trainings increase your expertise on the regulatory context of REACH, Cosmetics ban, EU Pharmacopoeia and much more ! 

Boost your skills in the lab and develop constant education !

Our two-day training sessions are hosted all across Europe and are made up of 20% lectures and 80% hands-on-training in the lab.

Altertox Academy trainings have been recognised by the SFT French Society of Toxicology as valuable for continuous professional development.

All trainings star with lecture from key experts of the field. These lectures are also available to watch as a webinar.

We are having 6 lab trainings for toxicologists and 1 in life sciences

Our expertise ... 4 formats of trainings


45min conversation with 1 expert giving insight on a topic via web with Q&A session.

  • level of knowledge: all

2 days in the lab with 3-4 different trainers. This training accommodates up to 15 participants to cover a topic and give an overview of the ongoing field

  • level of knowledge: beginners & advanced

Multiple formats (case studies, laboratory trainings)

  • level of knowledge: all
intro masterclass

Training “a la carte” with max 3 to 5 participants over 2 days. Participants pick their models and applications ahead of the training to practice in the lab and get some B2B time with the experts.

  • level of knowledge: advanced

They liked the experience, they tell you why ...

You want to be one of ours...

As a host


Becoming a host gives you the opportunity to co-organise with us a session, drive the program, and invite potential collaborators to join the training. Besides some in kind compensations, our past hosts saw multiple benefits : team building, enhancing collaboration, profiling their institute/department as an expert in the field.

As a participant


Take the chance to confront the different technologies and be ahead. It is also a good opportunity to improve your skills for a specific method, know theirs limitations, and be able to challenge the tests and interpret data. Eventhough proficiency can’t be achieved after two days, we set the stage to offer you a better understanding about a topic and to help you identify your next move whether as collaboration with a trainer or bring back know-how in your lab department.

As a trainer

Envision your implication as a commercial action, where participants are eager to learn about your technologies and what it will offer to them. You will have two days to learn more about participants’ issues, challenges in the lab and what you can improve back in R&D. Moreover, attending a session allows a very important reduction of the life-cycle relation with a prospect met at a booth and multiple back & forth visits to him/her before the transfer of the technology is successful.

As a sponsor

Your topic is not tackled? You would like us to support you in organising an internal training or showcase your technology and know-how to the scientific community? Let’s discuss how we can manage this. Contact :

Previous trainings

  • Quantitative Human Cell & Effect Based In Vitro Bioanalysis for Assessing Endocrine Disrupting Compounds (EDCs) – EFSA – 14th & 15th March, Parma – Italy
  • In Vitro Exposure Systems and Dosimetry Assessment Tools for Aerosol Inhalation Toxicology – PMI – 23rd & 24th May – Neuchatel, Switzerland
  • PBPK Modeling and quantitative in vitro-in vivo extrapolations : WAGENINGEN University and Research – 3-4 october 2019 – Wageningen, Netherlands
  • Novel In Silico Models for Assessment of Cosmetics – Practical Applications : Mario Negri Institute – 17,18 octobre 2019 – Milano, Italy
  • In Vitro Assays Development & Good In Vitro Method Practices : RI.SE – 7th&8th November 2019 – Gothenburg, Sweden
  • In Vitro Lungs Model : Epithelix – 14th-15th November 2019 – Geneva, Switzerland
  • Acute and chronic cardiotoxicity : Ncardia – 7th&8th November 2019 – Leiden, Netherlands
  • Skin Sensitization – BASF – 22 to 23rd November, Ludwigshafen – Germany
  • In Vitro Lung Models – Epithelix – 15 to 16th November – Geneva, Switzerland
  • Good Cell Culture Practice (GCCP) in Toxicology – Evercyte – 30 to 31th October – Vienna, Austria
  • PBPK modelling for quantitative in vitro-in vivo extrapolation – 4 th to 5 th October 2018 – Leuven, Belgium
  • Update in in-vitro liver system: Cells to organoid. Application in DMPK and toxicology – 31st May to 1st June 2018 – Paris, France
  • Use of Weight of Evidence with non-testing methods for cosmetics ingredients – May 22nd to 23rd 2018 – Milan, Italy 
  • Current Applications of Organs-on-a-Chip for the Pharmaceutical Industry  – November 16th to 17th 2017 – Leiden, The Netherlands
  • In Vitro Lung Models – November 16th to 17th 2017 – Geneva, Switzerland
  • 2D – 3D Liver & Skin & Gastrointestinal Regulatory Model – November 2nd to 3rd 2017 – Istanbul, Turkey
  • Kidney Toxicity Testing – Season 2 – October 30th to 31st 2017 – Vienna, Austria
  • In vitro Simulation of Fracture Healing and Bone Remodeling – October 19th to 20th 2017 – Berlin, Germany
  • Skin Sensitization – October 12th to 13th 2017 – Ludwigshafen, Germany
  • In Silico Tools in Chemical’s Hazard Assessments – October 5th to 6th 2017 – Brussels, Belgium
  • In Vitro-In Vivo Extrapolation (IVIVE) to Support Accurate Prediction of Hepatic Drug Disposition – September 14th to 15th 2017 – Leuven, Belgium
  • In Vitro Tools for Assessing EDC – September 6th to 7th 2017 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Updates on the Hepatotoxicity AOP Landscape and on the ADMET Field-SEASON 2 – June 22nd to 23rd 2017 – Rennes, France
  • Tools for Read-across – June 15th to 16th 2017 – Helsinki, Finland
  • In vitro skin and eye models – June 1st to 2nd 2017 – Brussels, Belgium
  • Kidney Toxicity Testing & Best Practices – September 22nd to 23rd 2016 – Vienna, Austria
  • Hepatotoxicity Testing & Best Practices – May 26th to 27th 2016 – Rennes, France
  • In silico modeling and tools under REACH – May 20th 2016 – Cluj, Romania