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As a host

By volunteering being a host, it gives you the opportunity to co-organise with us a session, drive the program, and invite potential collaborators to join the training. Besides some in kind compensations, some of our past hosts saw multiple benefits in organising this such as team building, enhancing collaboration, profiling their institute/department as an expert in the field.

As a participant

Take the chance to confront the different technologies and be ahead. It is also a good opportunity to improve your skills for a specific method, know theirs limitations, and be able to challenge the tests and interpret data. Nevertheless, we do not claim that proficiency is achieved after two days. We set the stage to offer you a better understanding about a topic and to help you identify your next move whether as collaboration with a trainer or bring back know-how in your lab department.

As a trainer

Envision your implication as a commercial action, where participants are eager to learn about your technologies and what it will offer to them. You will have two days to learn more about participants’ issues, challenges in the lab and what you can improve back in R&D. Moreover, attending a session allows a very important reduction of the life-cycle relation with a prospect met at a booth and multiple back & forth visits to him/her before the transfer of the technology is successful.

As a partner

Collaboration is a key for dissemination of the new technologies and for ensuring continuous educations of the professionals. Get in touch with us and discuss what could be the benefits for your scientific society.

As a sponsor

Your topic is not tackled? You would like us to support you in organising an internal training? Let’s discuss if we can manage this.