1. Public Relation

Flyers, goodies, roll-up, congress website content, social network visuals, conference bag, newsletter... We make your congress louder thanks to cross-channel communication.

2. Scientific Program

Thematics, targets, conference booklet, invited speakers,... Content is the Key to make your congress successful ! We brainstorm together to help you output relevant contents.

3. Logistics

Online ticketing, invoices, choice of venues, monthly confcalls, interaction with sponsors & exhibitors... Follow our well-trained roadmap and go with the flow.

4. D-Day

D-Day ! Relax and make the most of your event, take care of your participants, learn from them and listen to their needs. Build real relationships and turn them into returning guests ! We will arrange for you : badges, collection of abstracts, food restriction, social dinner...

5. Restart ?

Once your event is over, we do not let you down ! A retrospective meeting evaluates the event's ability to meet your goals. Both quantitative and qualitative data are crunched.
Will you bet you will come back ?